Dahlia Dreaming

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Dahlia Dreaming


Saturday August 18th, 2018
The Farmer's Daughter
Design Topic: Hand Held Bouquet

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Ahh, Dahlias! Late summer's prized possession! There are so many beautiful varieties that beg to be planted in our flower beds and cherished for years to come! Wouldn't you love to learn how to grow and maintain this beautiful flower while learning which varieties are worth the work?! This 2.5 hour intensive will be co-taught by flower farmer and owner of Little State Flower Co., Anna Jane Kocon. Participants will learn how to plant and maintain late summer and autumn’s favorite bloom, the dahlia.

Attendees will learn first hand what it takes to not only cultivate a successful crop of dahlias, but how to handle fresh cuts in general. While gaining hands on experience in both the field and high tunnels, attendees will be able to ask any of their burning questions to help grow their own dahlia crop!

Following a field and farm tour, lead by Anna Jane, attendees will gather in the Little State's colorful flower fields to enjoy a design tutorial. Lead by Mary Kate, owner of The Local Bouquet,  each attendee will learn how to arrange their own whimsical, summer bouquet using Little State Flower Co’s dahlias and other seasonal flowers and foliages. Come and push your creativity while learning about her mission to source locally for all of her design projects!

Light refreshments will be served throughout the workshop and all materials and supplies will be provided. Each attendee will be able to take home their own centerpiece and other treats!