Florists Review 35 under 35


Back in August, I received the great honor of being listed on Florists' Review Magazine's "35 under 35" list of some of the brightest stars in the floral business.  This was not only a surprise for me but also a teachable moment to myself. I realized as I picked up the magazine and began flipping through the pages of talented designers from across the United States- that all my hard work, dedication and determination was actually going somewhere. To be included on this list next to the other designers, some of whom I have met and have formed friendships with and some of whom I simply follow on Instagram, meant that The Local Bouquet brand was making waves. My mission to source 100% local and American grown flowers and foliages for all of our wedding and events was being recognized by a national magazine and for that I am very proud. For that I had to stop and pat myself on the back, because as business owners we don't normally do that! And for that, I am inspired to push myself harder in the coming years to continue to grow and create beautiful work that is seasonal and sustainable all while sharing my love of flowers with more people! 


Thank you to Florists' Review Magazine for recognizing us "Young Guns" and for making turning 30 this year not so dreadful!!!!